Offer for freelance ladies at Saunaclub Babylon

Female guests in Saunaclub Babylon between Cologne and Aachen

We look for an attractive appearance, good personal skills and a positive attitude from our female (as well as from our male) guests. Female guests can buy a daily entry ticket for 50 Euro.

The entry ticket entitles you to use all the facilities of the club and to the full range of food and drinks. You can also meet, chat and get together with our male guests to do what you want in comfortable and safe surroundings.

Women in high heels at the bar of Saunaclub FKK Babylon in Elsdorf

We offer a friendly atmosphere with plenty of well mannered and friendly male guests visiting the saunaclub every day. They are always ready to reward good company generously.

It is entirely up to you how far you want to go with them, what you do with them and how much effort you put in - and that will be reflected in the rewards.

Important requirements for female visitors to the club

Female guests who would like to get together with our generous male guests in the fkk-club must meet the following requirements: you must be 18 or over, be a citizen of an EU Member State, or have a residence permit and/or a work permit. You must show a valid identity card or passport plus a sex worker registration card according to the new German ProstSchG law.

Ideally you will already have your own tax number; if you don't, we operate under the Düsseldorf Model. You must come to the club voluntarily and of your own free will, must not take illegal substances, and above all must be ready to enjoy a good time with all our other guests.

If you have any questions, are starting out in the business or would like our practical advice on something, do not hesitate to give us a call. We will answer your questions and adress your concerns as far as possible.

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