Bar & Drinks

Our bar is the perfect place to party

A full range of soft drinks is available at the Bar, including Cola, Fanta and water. We also offer coffee, tea and hot chocolate. We offer four types of beer on draft - Pils, Festbier, wheat beer (Hefe) and Kolsch (Kölsch - as well as Leffe beer from Belgium. We also have a good selection of other popular alcoholic drinks.

Draft beer in the Bar of Saunaclub Babylon in Elsdorf

Guests from around Dusseldorf (and anyone else) who like to drink Alt beer will normally find a case or two behind the Bar, together with some typicall sentences you will here in the region of Cologne while ordering or drinking Alt beer.

We also have a wine list, with a choice of white and red wines. Guests can also order Sekt and Champagne.

Beers and non-alcoholic drinks are free, and all other alcoholic drinks are available at reasonable prices.

Now and again guests organise wine tastings at the club, and new wine-loving participants are always welcome. Take a look at our list of drinks.

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